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Guestblog Andrea Livieri

10mm, 1/80, f10, ISO100

During one of my twitter critique days I got some images from Andrea Livieri and I absolutely fell in love with them, and as you know, when I find images that are stunning I really have to have the photographer over here for a guest blog…. so here is Andrea Livieri…..

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Guestblog by Martin Cormier

Sometimes images just jump out to you. Sometimes I will find those images just by browsing the web, but sometimes I will also find them because someone asks me a questions, most of the times I will also quickly look at the site of that person and I also did with Martin Cormier, and as you can see for yourself I was blown away by his images, so I had to ask Martin over to the blog for a guestblog, I’m sure you will love it. So here he is……. Martin Cormier.

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