The year 2010

At the end of every year you see a lot of tv-shows with the best (or worse) events of that year, for me personally it’s always nice to see the year in such a show and remember certain events you forgot, and to be remembered to events you will never forget.
So every year on my blog I also try to do something like that, and so I will with this blog post, feel free to add your own personal opinions and highlights to this post with the comment button, everything goes.

For me (us) 2010 has been a very successful year with a lot of highlights and only one really big negative event, so let’s see what happened in 2010 in my live. Of course I will only pick out the big events otherwise I think you would still be reading after the new year 😀

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Inside look magazine the interview edition

A while ago I made two magazines called inside look.
I never really liked them, the layout was crappy, the images were ok and the stories were ok.
As many know I’m a perfectionist and I decided to stop with this fun magazine.
It was never meant as a real magazine by the way, but just a fun way to share some articles which now a days are shared online in my blog, but those days there wasn’t a real blog. Some people asked me if I could start up the magazine again and give them some inside in my work, models, workshops etc. and I always told them there was no time enough in the day already.

However a few weeks ago I decided to give my intern the assignment to interview some models, a student, some companies I work with, my interns and of course well myself. The idea was more to keep it for her school but I loved the concept so much we decided to shape things up and give it to you guys as a christmas present.
I had to work fast with the edits to release it today, so now you guys come in 😀
If you find any errors, typos etc. please let me know and I will change it.

And for the future ?
I love the concept we have now, if you want to see more just let me know, give me tips about what you want to see, if you want to help out, or whatever…. just mail me at and we will take everything into consideration, there is so much to share 😀

You can download the magazine at

Feel free to share, and comment, but remember this is not A MAGAZINE !! it’s just the inside look magazine, maybe a first in a series, maybe the last.

Tamlyn photos

Yesterday (Wednesday) it was Tamlyn’s turn again to be my model during the glamour workshop.
As mentioned before on this blog I absolutely love the glamour workshops, during these workshops I always try to keep the workshop as “free” as possible. Just like the advanced workshops there is a lot of attention for the more “portfolio” like shots. And with Tamlyn we always have a great model with lots of possibilities.

During this workshop we started out with a simple setting where Tamlyn was sitting in a chair and she was lit by only one strip light with grid.
I love this way of lighting because you can really point the light exactly where you want it to go. A strip light without a grid is also great of course but adding a grid really makes a huge difference. In our studio we use the grids from Lighttools and we fitted one on the Deep Octa and one on a Chimera striplight.

After the sitting pose we moved Tamlyn to the wall and did a small session were the main attention was on controlling contrast and coaching the model, especially the part on how NOT to coach your model is the part I love to do and I can go all out which often results in hilarious situations 😀

For today we decided it would be nice to experiment a bit with a mirror and see what we could do with it.

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Promo video for Kelbytraining

Make sure to check out this awesome promovideo done by Adam Rorhmann.
Adam was my main camera man (and great person) while I was shooting my videos in Tampa FL for Kelbytraining, and he got me introduced to Yahoo’s (hope I spell that correctly).
Make sure to also check out his other work…… at

Feel free to share and comment.
The instructional video is now online at and the first part is free.