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Behind the scenes during the Zebra photoshoot with Nadine and some great styling

In todays blog post we take you behind the scenes during the Zebra themed photoshoot we did with our Model, Stylist and good friend Nadine.

See how we build the set, which lighting we used and of course you get to see the end results.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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Posing models….

One of the questions that get asked a lot is about posing models, this seems to be the most difficult part in a photoshoot. And I know it can be very difficult especially when you are starting out with photography. It’s not everyday you get a beautiful model in front of your camera and you have to think about your camera, light, posing and of course how the image will look in the end… and that’s the first thing you have to realize…..


The less you have to think about other things than working with your model, the easier it will be to get good poses from your model.
So first make sure you know how you are gonna set your lights, know which theme you want to work on with your model, in fact this can all be done before the shoot, but most of all make sure that you know your gear, nothing is more “mood killing” for a shoot than a photographer that doesn’t know what he/she is doing, who is struggling to get the light the way he/she wants it, who doesn’t know how to set the camera etc. etc. these are real mood killers…. so let’s say we mastered all this will it than happen automatically…. well yes and no. Here are some pointers and a step by step plan to get “better” results in your photoshoots.

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