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An awesome test shoot with some strong colors

Today the results from Monika’s testshoot

We are always looking for new models for our workshops and events.
Today the results from the test shoot with Monika.
Fun detail, she lives at almost walking distance from our studio, what a coincidence.

During the test session I will shoot 2-3 different lighting setups, nothing special but a good way to see how somehow interacts with the camera 😀




Working with a model during her first shoot and how to make it a success

Trial by fire

In the previous blogpost you already saw the results from the test session with Jannaika.
The images were shot during the Digital Classroom live stream.

Today in the blog the full episode of Digital Classroom with a much requested topic.
“how to work with models during their first shoot and how to make it a success”

See the full session and get all the tips about lighting, posing and how to coach your model.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

A new model in our studio for a very special session and she rocked it

Trial by fire

For the workshops we are always looking for new models.
Before I use a model in a group I always invite them for a test session. A test session is a great way to get to know each other, explain how the workshops work and take some photos for her portfolio and for me the see how she/he is in front of the camera.

For Jannaika it was a bit different 😀
If you have been following my work for a few years you probably remember Sanne. A few years ago we worked a lot with Sanne and also did some sessions for the Miss competitions  Sanne organises.

Jannaika is Miss Photogenic 2024 and Sanne was convinced she would be a perfect model for me.
And you never guessed it… we needed a model for the Digital Classroom.
So the images you see here were shot during a live stream, and we literally met 5 minutes before we went live. It doesn’t happen a lot but I was impressed.

I think we will see more of Jannaika in the future.


A very cool lighting technique with just one strobe and softbox

A tip on lighting

Today in the blog a video about a very powerful lighting setup for ultimate moody shots.

In the short digital classroom videos I explain the lighting of one of my photos I took during the workshops. You see the results, the behind the scenes video and an in depth explanation about the technique.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and maybe you see your question answered in a video.
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I’m using Geekoto strobes and softboxes in the video.