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The many ways to use a beautydish

The beautydish is probably one of those modifiers that you can find in every studio in the world. And probably when you start with portraits or fashion it’s one of the first things you buy.

But why use it just one or two ways when you can do so much more;). So in this video we take a look at the Hensel beautydish and the possibilities.

Be inspired

I’ve said it many times

One of the best things to look at to find inspiration is movies or and videoclips. Both are not only stories but when you look closely you will see that the power of those stories are heavily enhanced by the use of color and lighting

Imaging a movie like Edward scissorhands in muted colors…. Gets a totally different atmosphere or how about that one in black and white with some cool film noir lighting.

Even better what about a horror movie with saturated colors and flat lighting…. Nah takes away the mind tricks

And there we have it. Mind tricks

Our mind is easily fooled. Take a dark room where you hardly see anything and I’m pretty sure that if we fed you stories about the famous shadow figures you will start to see them, out of the corners of your eyes that is.

Now floor the room with light and…gone is the whole illusion.

So lighting and color for photography are for me the best ways to effectively tell a story.

And the best way to practice this is to actually try to recreate some scenes. The images in this blog where shot during a cosplay workshop (one out of four sets of that workshop) and although it doesn’t really represent an actually scene you can see the inspiration.

The most important thing is not to hit that scene exactly but to get a mood and feel. And I think we succeeded in that one.

Now what is that of use for you?
If you’re training yourself to be able to recreate more extreme sets you start to learn more and more what lighting, color, retouching can do for an image. And when your done with something extreme, the next time a client asks you for a certain mood and feel… Well it will be a lot easier.

Practice extreme to become a much better photographer I would say 😉

Many thanks to Marloes and jamilla for their awesomeness

Ultimate weekend workshop Emmeloord May 22-23rd

May 22-23rd it’s time for the Ultimate weekend again in our own studio in Emmeloord (language ENGLISH)
2 JAM-PACKED days of intense training with everything you always wanted to know about : Modelphotography, technique, lighting, styling, creativity, sets, props, smoke, color, Single and duo shoots, location work, workflow, retouching, business tips, social media tips and much much more.


For more information and registration (only 2 seats left) visit : https://frankdoorhof.com/web/tours/ultimateweekend/ this is without a doubt the most intense workshop I teach, and probably the most intense and complete you will find on the market. Thanks to the support of some sponsors we can offer this whole weekend for EU 699.00


Some results from previous Ultimate Weekends.


Nadine February 20 2015 0636

Nadine February 20 2015 0669

Nadine February 20 2015 0976

Nadine February 20 2015 0330

Linda December 10 - 96 - December 10 2014

Manon  46 - November 22 2014_DxO edit

Manon October 3 2014 2019

Ultimate weekend day 2 2483

Ultimate weekend day 2 2393

Ultimate weekend day 2 2379

Manon Juli 5 2014 (103 of 153)_DxO

Lenaa Juni 20 2014 95