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Elinchrom LiteMotiv sample

A lot of people have asked me about my ideas on the Elinchrom LiteMotiv.
I won’t make a review on this modifier for the simple reason…what’s there to tell you guys except how it looks and let’s be honest you can see that online right?


What I will tell you, and show you is some of the samples I made with it and what it can do.


In this sample I placed our model Manon straight between our custom background which was placed in a very sharp V shape.
The only light used was the LiteMotiv 1.50 direct without any diffusion material. Retouch was done in Photoshop with mostly just adding some MacPhun Intensify (and a very slight vignette).


What I like about the LiteMotiv can be clearly seen in this shot.
The light quality is different from a large softbox, it has more “pop” or “bite” as I love to call it. And because the box is almost round you can even play with some awesome vignetting when you feather the light (something I did not do here).


Overall I think Elinchrom placed a very interesting product on the market which will have a large draw on fashion shooters like myself and people that just don’t like that overly soft image quality but want something a bit more “poppy” 😀

Manon Juni 13 2015 1167

First samples LiteMotiv from Elinchrom

Today some of the first samples I took with the new Elinchrom LiteMotiv 1.20mtrs.
The LiteMotiv is a new series of modifiers from Elinchrom that give you nice directional light with a “bang”.
I mostly use these kind of modifiers without any inner diffusion to give it an extra “edge” and I must say I LOVE the LiteMotiv 1.20 it replaced my indirect 1.50 octa from Elinchrom almost instantly when it arrived, don’t get me wrong I still love the 1.50 indirect but the LiteMotiv is just a bit more contrasty and that’s what I love about it. I can’t wait for Elinchrom to create maybe even a few smaller ones which I think would be ROCKING for portraits or half bodies.


At the moment the LiteMotiv is available in 1.90mtrs and 1.20mtrs we have both in our studio so expect some samples from the 1.90 soon also, but today some of the 1.20.


Models : Lenaa and Nadine
Styling : Nadine

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Lenaa April 24 2015   0082

Lenaa April 24 2015   0086

Nadine April 24 2015   0062 1

Nadine en Lenaa April 24 2015   0009

Nadine en Lenaa April 24 2015   0018



Lenaa April 24 2015   0072