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Register for the free webinar about capturing stunning colours and achieve a accurate workflow

Register for the free webinar about capturing stunning colours and achieving an accurate workflow

One of the most important things about photography and a reliable workflow is calibration.
In essence, by calibrating your workflow, you make sure you get the results you need. Not just colours but also black/shadow and white/highlights detail. So register now for the free webinar about capturing stunning colours and mor. And if you cannot attend live, you will receive a recording.

In all the workshops I teach it always shocks me how many people don’t use ColorCheckers, white balance tools, or even take the time to calibrate their monitor. And it’s not hard, it’s in fact such an important part of the workflow that the software/hardware is designed to be fast and easy to use.

In this free webinar in cooperation with our friends from Calibrite I talk about :
Calibration of the monitor
Using the ColorChecker Duo
The differences between the ColorCheckers

How colours interact
Why we use light meters
Using calibration when working with gels

You also get to see 2 “live” photoshoots where I talk about lens flares, filling in shadows with color, and using gels for extra impact to your shots.

And that’s not all.
We end the broadcast with several color manipulation tips and tricks in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Register via the link below.
You don’t want to miss this one.

free webinar about capturing stunning colours and achieve an accurate workflow

click on the image to register for the free webinar

Our new Rogue umbrellas in action and free tutorial

In this blogpost some results from our model Linda

These were shot during the livestream in our digital classroom series. During the shoot I show several ways to use umbrellas to not only create great shots but also add a lot of control to the way you use your lighting.

The new Rogue umbrellas are designed for different uses. In the kit is the familiar white umbrella which you can use for bounce or shoot through. This one is great as a very neutral fill in flash or very soft lensflare.

But you also find a black reflector umbrella with a sleeve. This one is my absolute favorite because the light is much more controllable and the sleeve gives the light fall off a very nice edge which is great for feathering.

The black and white umbrella are very suitable to light white backdrops depending on the area you want to cover. The white one will give some spill in the back. The black one will one light the backdrop behind the model with a very nice smooth transfer (no hotspots like with background reflectors).

See the live stream here :

You can now order the kit and the umbrellas seperate via frankdoorhof.com/shop

Here are some of the results from the live stream

Support us on Patreon

NEWS : Learning with Frank Doorhof on Patreon.

We know you guys love the videos we release and our activity on social media. Now we love to give you everything for free (except of course our full length instructional videos) but producing everything is a lot of work and we see that we are producing more and more and in all honesty we want to do even more. But at the moment we are at a point where we have 2 people almost 100% dedicated to social media and video. And somehow we have to make that work to continue our free material and grow in the direction where we want to go, and trust me it’s going to be interesting and fun, but most of all educational.

This is why we had to look for a great way for you guys to support us, we got some great suggestions but they were all pretty limited or cumbersome, and in all honestly just placing a paypal button on the website…. not really our thing.

So we launched our own Patreon page on https://www.patreon.com/frankdoorhof now Patreon is awesome and very easy to use for you guys.

You can still watch all our content for free of course, we won’t put anything behind the “decoder” (as we say in the Netherlands) however by “pledging” for a certain amount per month (starting at $5.00) you can now support us in the work we do. We didn’t choose for the pledge per video option because we release a lot of material and we wanted to make it as easy as possible.

The $5.00 pledge is the most basic, there are more options however and because we believe in giving back all other options have certain benefits for you guys, like a 1:1 Skype call with me once a month, portfolio reviews, discounts etc. So in essence you are supporting us but also yourself with cool little goodies and gems.

At the moment we are creating a fully new videoblog and if we hit a certain goal each month we can start recording it, with the name “behind the closed doors” you probably already have an idea what its about :D, so head on over to https://www.patreon.com/frankdoorhof and support our work and make sure we can create even more for you guys.

And don’t worry, if you don’t…. we still love you and you can still see everything 😀

Digital classroom from this week

Today (May 6th) is my birthday and what is better than to start the day with some gifts.


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And we share the newest digital classroom with you guys, this was broadcast live on May 4th.
I love doing these and thanks to Rogue/Expo imaging and BenQ it’s also possible.
So enjoy the day and the digital classroom 😀
And by the way we REALLY appreciate it if you subscribe to our YouTube channel (see the button on the side of this site).