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Fashion with the Credo60 and Nadine PartIII

In the final part of this series some outside shots with natural light.

Shooting with the Credo60 in natural light is a really nice thing to do.
As mentioned before in the previous posts about the Credo60, the display is a huge improvement over the previous leaf digital backs but also the speed in which you can work is something I really love, even on the card there is no buffer, meaning you can just keep firing until the card is full (well I think you can, I never tried it but let’s say that if there IS a buffer you will probably NEVER ever fill it up), and with a speed of 1 second per frame there is a really nice flow to the shots. It’s quick enough to nail some shots where the wind is a vital part of the story like in this series and it’s still “slow” enough for the model to get into her “groove”.

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Fashion with the Credo60 and Nadine Part I

Last Friday it was time for me to really test out the new Leaf Credo 60.
First of all let me say that the image quality is truly stunning and without any doubt a step up from the AptusII series, but most of all I’m very happy with the display and the extra speed in boot up and shooting. I also did some parts outside and it’s a delight to be able to use the screen on the back of the Credo, it’s bright, zooming goes quickly and the quality is great.

For the first part (I will divide this series up in parts) I want to give you the tip to really explore your surrounding areas. People that know me a bit better know I’m always planning some time during to day for some workouts, that can be rowing, cross trainer or biking. With the biking part I always try to also scout new locations and what is better than just drive around your area and find new interesting locations.

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