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Sweden Pt II : Abandoned Sweden

As photographers we often love abandoned places, it’s something about them that has an enormous interest factor for me personally, the structure, the stories behind them etc. So when we are traveling I’m always on the look out for these places. One of the ways to have a bigger chance of finding them is to drive “off road” and I don’t mean plow through the fields of course but drive the B-C roads, which sometimes can be a challenge for an RV but often it works out great.


We found this building in the middle of crossroads and of course I had to stop to take some pictures.

Zweden  (28 of 496) June 26 2015_DxO

Zweden  (34 of 496) June 26 2015_DxO

Zweden  (40 of 496) June 26 2015_DxO

Zweden  (41 of 496) June 26 2015_DxO

Zweden  (42 of 496) June 26 2015_DxO

Zweden  (49 of 496) June 26 2015_DxO

Zweden  (56 of 496) June 26 2015_DxO


Now there are also other ways to find these places we found out…….
For our RV we use a special RV nav system from Garmin, and don’t get me wrong I love the system and the way the sat nav works but we found out (on several occasions) that the POI database is, let me put this VERY mildly, not really something you can “trust” and again I put this very mildly. For example when finding a campground we ended up in the middle of nowhere between cows with no way to turn the RV around, so that was a moment where I was incredibly glad we have a backup camera and Annewiek to assist me all the way back. And we found this very quite place when we typed in a good fish restaurant… well maybe one day it was there but now we just found this (which actually made the hunger go away for a minute).

Zweden  (116 of 265) June 27 2015_DxO

Zweden  (119 of 265) June 27 2015_DxO

Zweden  (122 of 265) June 27 2015_DxOUsing sat nav is cool and we wouldn’t want to be without it, but the POI we now get from our iPhones who appear to be a lot more accurate (and yes we are running the latest update, actually it was released 2 days before we left)


If you are really into this kind of stuff make sure to plan your trip because I’m sure we will be receiving loads of emails from people that know much cooler places just a few km’s out of the way from where we travelled, so when we normally plan a trip ahead we will actually scout them before we leave and store them into the sat nav, this trip we didn’t do that and just let the day surprise us.


Visiting an abandoned mental institution

I love visiting abandoned places, actually when someone shows us around and they bring us to the tourists spots I also like that but I get a real kick out of seeing stuff that you normally would not.


During our stay in New York we had two amazing days where we were shown around by 2 of our friends.
The first day was a nice drive to the Stone Pony (which I quickly labelled as the stoned pony but that’s a different story) and some other sights (which was awesome) the second day we visited an abandoned mental institution near New York. Annewiek checked us in in facebook which she better couldn’t have done seeing some of the reactions like “finally”, so don’t worry we were not admitted 😀


It was a huge area we could walk around but we were not able to get in the buildings which was a shame, we did try (of course) but as soon as we walked towards a door we heard the sirens of the local security which asked us for our IDs and what we were doing, because I saw this as a warning we decided the outside would also be ok to shoot.


The lighting was very harsh but I think we got some nice images anyway, so today I share this album with you guys.

Augustus 28 2014 NY  (43 of 298)_DxO

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Abandoned amusement park in Denmark

I love to visit abandoned places however in the Netherlands we don’t have a lot of interesting places, but when I travel I’m always on the outlook for these places.
During our trip in Denmark I found a location online that looked incredibly interesting, it was about a 90 minutes detour so we decided to add it to our route.


Today some images from the abandoned water fun park.
One nice anecdote from the shoot:
We actually parked in front of the entrance sign and climbed over a small barricade to walk up to the entrance, after passing this we were in the park and visited some locations to shoot, while looking for more we saw some cool waterslides and decided to go there for some more larger pieces in the shot, arriving on the location there was a full blown photo club meeting in process with a fun theme, shooting plus size models (nude), we just entered the site anyway and started shooting (not the models out of respect of course), but I have to be honest…. it was a bit of a weird experience.


Without wasting more of your time, here are the shots I took.

Denemarken Augustus 9  2014  31

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Nadine as Robot

Last weekend I was invited to participate in a shoot in Almelo, the location was an abandoned building.
My first model of choice for shoots like this is of course Nadine, and luckily for me I’m often also her photographer of choice to work out some of the more extreme stuff (and extreme she can be). For this day I will divide the results over 3 different blogposts to also take some time to explain the techniques behind the shots.

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