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Awesome Photowhoa deal

For today I have another awesome deal for you guys.

We all know photowhoa ofcourse. For years they’ve been offering the photography community with special deals for ebooks, videos, presets, software etc

I also have several of my tutorials on photowhoa so make sure to also check those out 😉

Now if you’re buying from them regularly they have an awesome deal for you guys now.

With the photowhoa plus deal you get 20% discount on all deals plus 6 exclusive deals for free.

Total costs?
Only $99.00 a year.

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Something to think about

Just something to think about
We are living in a weird/dark time, something that we didn’t experience ever before. We don’t know when it will end, we don’t know if we or our loved ones will survive (don’t want to scare anyone but it’s the harsh reality) Over the years we’ve spend a tremendous amount of time and money to give you guys free educational material, low priced workshops etc. and we are doing ok (don’t worry).
I see more and more people online almost demanding free material because they are in lockdown, and according to them in these times stuff should be handed out for free in a sense of togetherness.
And I agree to a certain amount of this.
This is also why we upload more 60 seconds tips, more live streams and even throw in some guitar videos.
And to help you guys out we even run a 50% discount on all our videos and presets (use code “goodluck” on and but…..
Do realize that all the entertainment and education you guys get or “demand” is not free. A lot of your favorite youtubers are in serious problems and I do think a lot of them are on the verge of going out of business or have to close down because of lack of funds.
Creating free material is NOT FREE.
And you should never ever demand to get it for free.
Content creators are supported by companies, who are now also on hold and I don’t think it’s a certainty that those companies keep giving the kind of money to content creators that they did before this whole thing. Also for example in the Netherlands it’s almost impossible to get any form of support if you’re in the entertainment or creative sector. We just fall in between the cracks of the rules.
So please……
Be gentle to your favorite content creators, enjoy their programs, leave a few more likes, leave a few more comments, try not to hit that dislike button, but maybe hit that like button also just on a few older videos.
And if you can….
Ask your content creator for a paypal account, or find it on their site and just donate $1.00 or whatever you can spare. We are all in a situation that is terrible, help each other out and make sure that your favorite channels can keep giving you guys the content you want.
and a few likes extra doesn’t cost you anything.
Also more subscribers or followers is always good for the content creators so share your favorite smaller YT channels or social media channels. That’s free and it really helps a lot.
Together we can beat this thing and keep your favorite channels up and running.

Special activities and portfolio reviews.

Because sitting at home doing nothing is not the best thing to do we have thought about some cool things to stay busy and creative.

You already can see my Livestream on photography and guitars but we also have to find some way to earn something of course. So next to the free material we are launching some online activities with much reduced prices to make it available for everyone.

Starting today you can get an awesome portfolio review from me.

Send in 2 images retouched and raw and you get tips on styling, lighting and I do a complete retouch for you. And everything will be recorded in a personal video. These videos will run between 10-30 minutes and are jam-packed with personalized tips and tricks.

So don’t wait and grab your chance.
For a limited time only you can get 2 images reviewed for 25.00 Euros. Or $27.00 us.

We also still have our 50% discount voucher “goodluck” for all my tutorials and presets via and

So stay home but don’t stop learning.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
For the portfolio review mail to

Covid-19 and how the media can show you things….

Let me start by the following statement. Corona or Covid-19 is real and it’s scary as can be. This is something that has never happened before in our generation, so there are no rule books, there is no….. well there is nothing to which we can compare this, so don’t even try. When you read the media there are two trains of thought. First the “total panic media” and second the “there is no problem at all” media. Let me just give my opinion. We have chosen to stay at home as much as possible. I’m not afraid for the virus for myself, although….. well it’s scary But most of all I am terrified for my family which is a HUGE riskfactor, so to protect them and so many others we have decided to close the studio and shop and do everything by phone and mail, and only go out when necessary or to walk the dog. Now don’t worry we don’t lock ourselves in, we go to the beach with the dog and to the forest and we have a normal life, but we are avoiding places where you can get into contact with other people. And if we see people we just stay 2-3 mtrs away. Every person can/will infect 2-3 people. This means that YOU, yes YOU can infect millions of people in a time of less than 2 days (depending on the situation), so please even if you 100% healthy and are not afraid of Covid-19 think about all the other people and also think about your local small businesses they will have a tremendous hell when they open up again IF they open up again. Every time you go out and voluntary take the risk to infect people it could mean another week in lockdown and a lot of businesses that go bankrupt and loads of jobs lost (maybe even your own) Ok so why this post. Well not really to tell you our opinion, but for something else. The power of the media I think this is the perfect opportunity to show you the “power” of us photographers. And I call upon ALL of you to help me out with this. This is a war that is not fought in our homes or in our stores, the real warriors are the doctors and people in healthcare. As long as they can do their job there will a lot of losses both in human life and economy but at least they are able to do something. If we the people just listen to common sense and stay away from crowds and limit social contacts. And even then they are fighting a gruesome war. That being said… the front line is there not in our shops. For days and weeks we have seen the news, shops that are totally empty, people that are killing each other over a roll of toilet paper etc. As long as you life in a country like ours there is no need to start preparing for world war IV….. this war has no enemies except the virus and the consequences. But the danger is that we can make it a terrible situation. By panicking and literally emptying stores and fighting over toiletpaper (?) we are making the situation a lot lot worse. But hey… when you read the newspapers and see the stores…. they are empty right? Well this morning I decided to make some images in our local AH, which is one of the larger stores in our home town and show you two different sides of the story. The panic side This morning I went to the local store to find this. OMG A bit of cropping could make this a lot worse, but I decided to not do that and just show the images straight out of my phone. However…. lets look really close. The reality Look at the products that are missing? Chips, Mayonaise, pizza and toilet paper (oh and the medicine department was almost empty) Not really the first things you think about to survive right? And let’s be fair these images look really really bad right? Perfect clickbait…. But let’s turn the camera around in that same area with all the empty spots with chips. all the candy stuff is almost gone but all the water, drinks etc…. all there, so don’t worry And look at the reflection here. This would be an awesome panic shot if I cropped that left part out, right? And let’s show some other images. Want fresh food, you know the stuff that actually protects you from the flu and other sicknesses. Yes, indeed it’s a bit more empty than normal, but panic? Well unless you really want that one taste of chips you’re outa luck, get over it buddy get some yoghurt instead, much better. And even for the payment they have a nice system. But this won’t be possible in all cities. You scan your groceries while shopping in an app. And when you’re done, you just go to the display and pay via NFC. Now again this can probably not be done in all stores because people will take advantage of it, but we live in a smaller community. Conclusion Now please don’t get me wrong. There will be cities, stores and countries where it’s a LOT more serious, but please also post images online where you show that there still is enough in the stores. This is already a crisis, but it will be a worldwide disaster if we keep spreading panic. In case you missed it. I’m 100% for a total lockdown in all countries until the healthcare tells us it’s ok to continue our lives. If they say it’s going to be 2 months, so be it. Nothing in money is worth a persons life. So please…. No lockdown parties No unnecessary risks. Think about the other people instead of yourself, please be kind to each other. And when we start again, please support your local dealers and shops, they are incredibly hard hit by this. And for your groceries…. Man I know it’s hard to not bulk up on food and drinks… everyone does it, but please please don’t overdo it. We bought for one week of food and supplies, not because we are afraid there won’t be anything left, but because we can also get sick and don’t want to go out then, but that’s the main reason. But bulking up on toilet paper….. please if you do this ask yourself WHY…..? Don’t make this crisis any worse than it already is, and look at the media second first at your local store, if the store is filled to the brim and people are relaxed don’t bulk up, if you see problems in certain areas…. think about yourself and your family of course, but if there is no need, please don’t create the need…. and this is probably already way too late, but still wanted to show you how photography and choosing the story and angles can tell a story totally differently Seeing that a lot of people are stuck at home at the moment due to the #corona #covid_19 #virus we want to do something positive. And of course we are also hit by the measures so you get some cool discounts on my videos and you help us get thought this all. So on all my full length tutorials we now have a 50% discount. Go to and /presets and use the discount code “goodluck” and you get the discount. .