Welcome to Cascable

As you probably know we have a show called “digital classroom” we release several reviews, tips videos etc throughout the year plus app 10 live streams under that label.

The original idea was to do it for a year, it’s a very costly show to run.

But we got so many great responses we didn’t want to stop. So we needed partners.

Of course you already know our friends from BenQ, Calibrite and Rogue all companies we already worked with and I loved their products.

Today I can officially announce a brand new partner and supporter of digital classroom : cascable.

Cascable is an app I’ve been using for over a year now and makes it possible to shoot tethered via USBC or wireless to my ipad. It works super fast, is incredibly stable and has some cool extra features for different kind of scenarios.

It also makes it possible to shoot directly to different locations, including online services.

Seeing i have been promoting the heck out of their software (it’s really awesome) ever since I started using it I’m very happy to now welcome cascable to our family of supporters.

If you have an iOS device and want to tether without any issues and want stability and speed… Check out cascable.

And combine it with one of our #iqwire tethercables.

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