Tip for people with little space

Not everyone has a huge studio, probably most people will do their shoots in their living room, garage or small studio. But don’t worry about that.

One of the most heard complaints or excuses is “my studio is too small” well you know the saying “it’s not the size, it’s what you do with it” and that fits this situation exactly.

One of the disadvantages of small spaces is that using seamless can be problematic due to the height and the distance you have to keep from your model.

But luckily there are so many other options. In fact I hardly ever use seamless.

You can use wallpaper that will also make it possible to pose your model very close to the wall and save space and create cool shadows.

But you can also use the awesome backdrops from lastolite or clickpropbackdrops. Both companies deliver unique products which can be used on location or in your own studio for awesome results.

And you can of course also just fill the space with gear or other accessoires.

But that’s tight spaces where you only have to think about backgrounds so the solutions mentioned are based on alternatives for seamless. But what if you really have a tight space.

Personally I love working in the more tighter spaces and incorporate the scene into the shots.

What we did is make the smaller areas in our studio into small sets with character. Like for example the steps towards the podium in our studio

As you can see it’s pretty tight 😉

Of course you can also just have a bit of fun with the concept 😉

and if you don’t have room to place lighting you can always use a lumecube on a selfie stick

Feel free to share your results in tight spaces.

And maybe now you can do something creative with your seamless 😉