Come on Apple this is bad….really bad

Before I draw a harsh conclusion I want to check something with you guys.
I’ve been testing a fully iPad pro based workflow and it’s there for 99% at least for travel (although you can’t really life without a desktop PC/Mac for the “real” final work)

Overall I love the way I can edit videos with Rush and Lumafusion and Lightroom CC is an absolute must have for mobile workflows. The new file system on iPadOs is “ok” it’s a bit weird and not Apple like with different ways to copy for different locations and a lot of apps can’t use this yet but I believe that will come.

HOWEVER… my biggest disappointment is something I didn’t expect. When they told us that Apple would open up the ports with iPadOs I opted for the 11″ iPad pro for the simple reason it has USB-C and is not based on USB2 like the Lighting iPads (although some of the newer ones are USB3 speed).

Long story short, copying from an external harddrive (and even importing images from a card reader) is kind of a joke. When a device takes 10 minutes to copy a 12GB file it’s hardly worth the label PRO in my opinion, and seeing what you pay for the iPad pro…. it’s kinda sucks. When we travel I need to copy app 20-40GB each day from my iPad to drives for backups, that means copying twice, once to my main backup and once to a second backup drive. Seeing you can’t do anything else while copying it means I have to wait for a staggering 80 minutes each evening just to have my iPad copy the files…..

Come on Apple. When you have a device like the iPad pro that cuts 4K H265 like it’s butter you can’t really do this when you promise to open up the ports. In some cases I’m faster copying my stuff to the cloud that with an external SSD drive that’s lighting (pun intended) fast on my desktop.

Anyone else seeing this very slow speed?
I’m running the latest iPadOS 13.2 already, but have been experiencing this ever since I started using the DJI CoPilot in iOS12 but blamed iOS12 at that moment and the DJI app.

Over the years I’ve always loved Apple although I did went full Google/Android and PC I still love the way that the “old” Apple devices always worked flawlessly and smooth, but seeing the “mess” they are releasing the last few years I feel Apple totally lost it’s way, which I think is truly a loss for the creative part of the users, on the other hand, just look what companies like Huawei are doing for mobile photography (just wait till Trump is gone for the return to Google I hope) or Microsoft with their Surface series, these are truly ground breaking devices. However the iPad pro is such a powerful device with awesome apps I really hoped for it to be the perfect replacement for a laptop during travels, mainly due to the opportunity to edit 3 -4K video vlogs and still have enough battery left to finish an 8 hour flight, the tremendous light output outside etc. it’s just perfect for what we do as a creator…. but being a creator also means having to copy huge datafiles and that really seems to cripple the iPad pro to a point where during travels I just copy everything on Annewieks laptop and work on the iPad pro for the rest which of course takes away all the advantages of traveling without laptop.

Would love to hear your thoughts.