How to photograph your guitar…. part III

In today’s blogpost the results from set 1 from Wednesdays digital classroom broadcast where it was all about, photographing your guitar.
You can find the broadcast at our YouTube channel (

Finally in this series the most special guitar I own (well for me at least)
This is a copy of the red special (a cheap one), if you don’t know the red special and also don’t recognize the guitar I think you are in the minority, this absolutely one of a kind unique guitar (well the original) is the guitar that Brian May (from Queen) used his whole life and build himself with his father from an old fireplace, I once held the original Red Special (the real one) and being a huge Queen fan that literally was one of the highlights of my life. Being on stage with Brian a few minutes before was actually even better maybe, although we were behind the curtains (a small group of fans) feeling the wooden stage literally shake due to the sound of a few Vox Amps on full power playing “too much love will kill you” was just…. heck it still gives me goosebumps.

This is a copy of the red special build by BMG (Brian May Guitars), and it’s one of the most versatile guitars out there, there isn’t a sound this baby can’t reproduce. it’s insane. Every pickup can be selected manually and you can put them in and out of phase, which gives you so many sounds it’s impossible to even think about.

Anyway here are the shots with a small Vox amp.