The lightmeter tutorial

Loads of people ask me about the use of a lightmeter.
And in all honesty, once you get the idea behind the meter it’s an incredible easy to use tool that will not only speed up your workflow immensely but also make sure that you deliver a constant quality to your customers.

For the coming week my video “Mastering the modelshoot : The Lightmeter” is Tutorial of the week, meaning you get a 50% discount on this in depth look at how to use the lightmeter. So don’t keep messing around with testshots, work and look like a pro by nailing that perfect exposure every shot.

The normal price of the tutorial is 29,95 euro
Use the coupon code “action” when checking out and you’ll get a stunning 50% off. If that’s not the perfect start to perfect exposures I don’t know 🙂


Surf to for the download