Less social media more blog

Let me start by saying, don’t let the title fool you, I won’t disappear from social media.
However the last few months we’ve heard more and more from people that don’t see my posts on facebook, or only see one post a week or even month. I literally work my butt of to create content for you guys in the form of videos, tips, Q&As etc. and I think it’s a shame that most of you simply miss that material due to some “weird” algoritme from Facebook or YouTube.

This is why I decided to from now on post all the tips/reviews/articles on the blog instead of on social media and share the link to the article via social media. In essence you get the same tips but you now also have a fixed portal (this website) to find the articles and to see if you missed one.

I normally post 3-7 articles each week on the blog, so make sure to keep visiting this place, it’s really the best way to keep updated. So put www.frankdoorhof.com in your favorites and visit regulary, I’m sure you’re gonna love it here.

I’m always open for suggestions.
And don’t worry I’ll keep posting images on social media too 🙂