Sometimes it just happens

Some things you plan.
Some things you try to plan.
Some things just happens.

You can plan everything for a shot but sometimes when you ask your model of he/she has something cool, really interesting things can happen.

During my demos for expo imaging on the photography show in the UK I just casually asked my model of she had something special like sunglasses or……

“Yeah I have a Darth Vader mask and a sleeping beauty outfit”

Excuse me. That’s awesome……

And see here some really cool results. And in all honesty I didn’t expect it from this model…..don’t think the model was not good by the way. We had a blast. I just didn’t expected her to have these outfits. But she did a job the week before and was allowed to keep the costumes.

So always ask your model if she has something interesting. It might surprise you.

What’s the coolest thing one of your models brought?

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Tip because sometimes it’s not about looking into the lens

As you probably know I’m not a big fan of rules in photography. Its an art form and as long as the story is told I’m fine. In fact I think that by breaking the rules often the story can be told much better or more interesting.

One of the things a lot of photographers think is that a model should always look into the lens. However in my opinion you get a much better shot sometimes by letting the model not look into the lens.

As you can see in this shot I think that there is much more tension than if the model would be looking into the lens.

So the next time you shoot. Try to experiment with the way your model looks, you might be surprised by the added layers of story you add to your shot.