Workshop in a plane museum Aviodrome BTCD June 30 2017

In todays episode we take you with us during the workshop in aviodrome…. trust me you’ve never seen something like this.

And in todays episode also a demonstration of how workshops sometimes just don’t go as planned, and I get a HUGE surprise by some very dear friends.

The little lights on a selfie stick you see me using at the end in the cockpit of the Boeing is called a LUMECUBE, and they ROCK… you really can’t afford to not have a least one in your bag, they are great for helping you light difficult locations :Order here: and also support our work.

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Gear I use for the vlog:
The Sony A6500 (my video camera) :
The BT microphone I’m using (LOVE IT) :
Sony 20mm lens :
The amazing Joby :

Shooting gearThe Sony A7RII (my main camera) :
My favorite lens 24-70 f2.8 Gmaster :

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