Weird stuff in Amsterdam and rude customer service BTCD March 31 2017

In todays episode we take you with us to Amsterdam, our capital.
And man….. do you see some weird stuff there, you can’t skip this episode 😀

We do end up with some rude customer service however, but that didn’t spoil the great day we had with Mark during his final day with us, the 5 Day X-rite workshop has officially ended now.

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Some new images from Ingrid

In todays blog some images from Ingrid, shot over the last series of workshops



Improve your photography, it’s all about styling BTCD March 30 2017

In todays episode it’s all about styling.
Join me and Nadine for day 4 in the X-rite workshop with Mark.

In this episode we talk about styling, I interview Nadine about her views and I also share my views on this vital part of photography.

We also visit Unesco heritage Schokland for a great outdoor shoot including some cool drone footage from Nadine and the area… it’s a jampacked episode with loads of information and fun.

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Some more Nadine

A collection of several shoots and setups from recent workshops.