Did Sony make other brands obsolete in the compact series….

I always love to see new gear and am always interesting to see what happens with the big and smaller brand.
Some info on the new Fuji :

So the sensor is made by Sony (which is becoming almost normal) and you can an impressive 20 frames per second, add 4 more and you can film in an insane resolution 😀

It does however raise a question for me.
And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE(d) Fuji.

But with Sony having the amazing A7(r) cameras that have higher resolutions, are Full frame and fit almost every lens ever made is there still room for cameras like Fuji or for example Olympus.

I always used my XE-Pro2 with loads of fun and loved the way the camera operated but when I switched to the A7 series I honestly never looked back.

One of the big things for me with the Fuji was the form factor and the fact you can set the aperture via an aperture ring, but this “feeling” I also have when I mount for example my Leica R glass on the Sony (although I of course don’t have AF then).

I wonder what your thoughts are on this.
Did Sony bring out cameras that make the competition obsolete, or is there always room for more….
Of course there is always a huge user group that use the cameras and will keep with their brands, but seeing that R&D is incredibly expensive and Sony is probably taking a lot of the first time buyers with their new technologies I do wonder how the market is looking in a few years.


And don’t get me wrong I think competition is great because it keeps a company on the edge of their toes, but recently Sony has been making almost all the sensors for new cameras so they are getting very big in the market and with a great own line of compact cameras I do wonder…. so would love to hear your opinions.