I always try to scout my models not only on looks (also pretty important) but also on the ability to express themselves, both in their poses but also in their facial expressions of course. Having a very good expression in a shot, which actually can be very subtle, can literally make your image go from boring to WOW.


Now this next example is a bit extreme (:D) but I hope you get the point. It’s not the idea of course to make all your models shout and scream or make funny faces, it actually can be a very “stiff” or “Emotionless” expression that works for the shot, and those last few words actually are the key…. it has to fit the mood and look/feel of the series you’re shooting, for example check out the work of two of my heroes Erwin Olaf and David Lachapelle bit totally different style of photographers but both work A LOT with expression, in fact when you check out almost all great photographers you will see that 99% of them will use this, and it’s logical of course, emotion is what drives us humans, still in many of the shots of aspiring photographers or starters this is a key element that is highly over looked.


Model : Anna

Anna May 4 2015 1310

Anna May 4 2015 1356