Adding props like a megaphone

For me a good photo isn’t just about lighting but also about expression, movement and of course story telling.
I’ve already posted some tips about this, but people keep asking me how to set it up….


Well there isn’t a real 100% solution, but I can tell you how this image came to life.


This was shot during a workshop and we played with a more contrasty light setup (deep octa from the top down to the model) to make the shot a bit more interesting we added this megaphone which I actually bought for a few euros because it was broken (well our luck because if it did work……)



By just shooting it with our model Loes the show was already interesting, however it was not WOW. By switching to a wide angle lens and changing my angle from a very low position it already became more interesting, now letting my model scream and point towards the camera finished the shot for me.



By using the wide angle and letting the model point you are really taking advantage of that wide angle, add the scream and the megaphone and you have a pretty cool shot that you could even use for sale adds, or stock.Total cost of the shot maybe a few euros.




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