For 2015 I decided it was time for a new direction with the workshops.
I still love to teach technique, metering etc. of course but I thought it would be fun to also shot the group what you can do when you combine everything in a real shoot, in other words, no seamless or walls with just the model to show the techniques but really combining them in a complete set and let the attendees interact with the whole process from styling to lighting etc.


Today some images we shot from Sharon during the workshop “fashion: smoke and props”
Design of the walls by our intern Lynn.

Sharon Jan 24 2015 27657

Now the fun thing to know (probably) is that these images are almost straight out of the camera lighting wise.
ALL the lighting, smoke, special effects, extra lights (jukebox) etc. were all 100% real.
The only thing I did in Photoshop was add some contrast with the awesome MacPhun Intensify, I did some toning and added a bit of local contrast with the dodge tool. Total time in Photoshop per image was less than 5 minutes.



On the first image (the juggler) I did use the new Topaz Glow filter which is incredible for these kind of shots, it’s a filter you have to experiment with but if you do it gives you really unique looks, check out our discount page for some nice offers on the filters.

Sharon Jan 24 2015 27584

Sharon Jan 24 2015 27593

Sharon Jan 24 2015 27700