Difference between strobes and constant in the same set

During the glamour workshop from this weekend we worked with a set and two different light sources.
In the first image you see I used an Elinchrom strobe with the varistar reflector aimed at the ceiling, in the second image the only light we used was from the chandelier which is hanging about the set.


Both are slightly different tinted fitting the mood I wanted for each image.
As you can see, both light sources render the light completely different, my personal favorite is often the tungsten light source, especially when we are working with a set, but as I always say, make sure that you shoot both options, at least you have something to choose from, plus… with strobes you have a lot more power meaning I can shoot with faster shutter speeds and more depth of field, the tungsten shots I had to take from the tripod because I needed to stay at ISO200 (shooting it with the Leaf Credo60).


Lenaa  31 - January 17 2015

Lenaa  11 - January 17 2015-Edit

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  1. Ben Eichinger
    Ben Eichinger says:

    in my opinion;;;
    composition of the first one, with the lighting tones of the second, but the light on her face in the second is a bit too stark.

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