2014 is almost over so it’s time to look back…


2014 is a year of very many highs but also a few deep lows (which I will not bother you with).
For me the real highlights were:


1. Having a bestseller
Hearing my book “Mastering the modelshoot” had become a bestseller and is still going very nicely and stable. When Scott Kelby told me to write the most complete “guide to model photography” I first said he was “crazy” and I never could pull that off… but after a year of writing, editing and learning a LOT from Scott and working with his amazing design team I have to say I’m so incredibly proud of the book, but being proud and selling it is a different story…. so when the news came in I was more then delighted.


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Small flash and the sun

Small flash is often regarded as “not powerful enough” but this is not true. Compared to the big strobes it might look that way however with the small flash system you can use something called HSS (High-Speed-Sync) and that makes it possible to shoot on much higher shutter speeds than with for example studio strobes or battery powered solutions.

Nadine buiten Oktober 31 2014  28 - October 31 2014


There are limitations.
Because the strobe “strobes” you will find that the light output is much less, but this is often countered by the higher-shutterspeed, but also recycling is much slower.You can of course add 2 strobes together for 1 stop more (add 2 more for another stop).


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Dog vs Model

A while ago I came up with the idea to shoot a session with a dog, very tight lighting and some nice warm styling.
Finding the right dog was not easy but eventually we did found Verdi, and he was exactly the size we wanted for this shoot. From the start I knew I wanted Lenaa as my model and combined with Nadine Stephan’s styling we were complete for the shoot.


Today some of the results from that shoot.

Lenaa  7 -  v 2014

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Results workshop “fashion and smoke”

Today some of the results from the workshop “Fashion and smoke” we did last weekend with Lenaa.
Smoke is for me one of the most fun elements to play with, you can use it as “mist” or as a “structure”, but most importantly it’s vital to remember that you have to be careful not to light the smoke from the front.


For much more tips on model photography (including smoke) look for my book “Mastering the modelshoot” on Amazon or in your local bookstore, or surf to the video download page on this site for instructional videos.


Lenaa December 20 2014 1607

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