Manon during a workshop

Today some images from Manon shot during a recent workshop.

Manon Januari 10 2014  (45 of 178)-Edit

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Many people ask me about this so I thought it was time for another blogpost about backup….
In my opinion one of the most important things in the world to prevent dissasters.
Just to note, this image was found online so it’s not mine, but I think it describes the situation VERY well.


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Subtle expressions

During the photoshoot it’s very important to have a “connection” with your model.
If you don’t the images will turn out…. well pretty “standard”.
To get more interesting images it’s often enough to play with very subtle expressions.
During the workshops I always have a lot of attention for this, and today I share some images we shot during a workshop with Lenaa, now very closely look at the expressions that Lenaa shows, in my opinion this is one of the key elements in the photoshoot, of course light is important etc. but if the model looks “standard” or “empty” well…. you end up with something that could have been much better.


Now don’t get me wrong, the expression will always be very personal, what one loves the other one hates, so find your own way, but start experimenting with the very subtle expressions and then go to the more extreme ones.

Lenaa December 28 2013 (19 of 79)-Edit

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Playing with hair and expression

Sometimes a portrait can be incredibly simple but effective.
The next shots were done during a workshop with just an Elinchrom beauty dish with grid aimed at the model under a slight angle. The power for me in these shots is the very subtle expression enhanced with some wet hairs.


Now whenever you’re stuck in a session and don’t have the creativity to do something really cool with accessories etc. just wet the hair of the model and start playing with that, the longer the hair the better of course, the results will probably please you.


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