Results Servix day 2

The second day of the Servix workshops were held in an old beer brewery.
An awesome location for a mix of natural light and strobed images.
Today some of these images.

Servix Day 2 October 20 2013 -66

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Results Servix workshops Day 1

Last week I was asked to teach a 2 day workshop for the Belgium company Servix.
Mainly promoting the Phase One camera/back system and of course Elinchrom.


The first day was more of a demo like day, a small seminar and a live shoot.
Today some images from that day, the fun part was that the organization wanted to block off a certain item that I saw and just wanted to put in the shot… yep a big church organ, it proves to show that sometimes the best locations are right in front of you but not seen 😀

Servix Day 1 October 19 2013 -87-Edit

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Some images from Nadine

Today some images shot during this weekends workshop with Nadine.

Nadine Oktober 25 2013-115-Edit

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Posing from ok to WOW

A lot of times when you look at images there is a lot of great stuff going on in the images, but most of the times there is also “something” missing, sometimes it’s expression but most often its something in the posing.


Most models will pose like they saw the girls do in “put your country here” next top model, or like they see in certain magazines. What often happens is that you will get images that are looking standard or “too” posed. Now don’t get me wrong there can be images that are “too” posed that rock, but I think you know what I mean 😀


As you probably know there are even books out there with 1001 poses, my opinion on these is that they are great to read and get ideas from, copying them is a bad idea, every model is different and also the clothing a model wears is very important for the poses that will or will not work. For example when we look at the images in this blog post the clothing in my opinion just screamed for these poses, it just fit.


What I always try to do is let the model pose freely, play around with the poses and only “push” towards better poses from a pose that I really like. Today some images from Nadine showing just this technique. These poses are without a doubt not “standard” maybe even according to some over the top, but they all happened by letting Nadine pose freely, without putting her into a pose and say “ok stay there, 1,2,3”, sometimes this will work but most of the times I find the more freely posing method much better.


So next time you do a shoot try to let the model just move and choose the poses you like and refine those, but keep shooting… it’s digital you can always delete the bad one.

Nadine Oktober 25 2013-18-Edit

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