Guestblog Morgana

You’ve already read some guestblogs by Morgana, and today she has something new to share for you guys.

Unique movie poster created for Frank Doorhof

Be your own Film Star
I have always been inspired by films and videos. And love trying to work out how a scene was lit, or a special effect achieved.  This has had a big influence on my photography, so I guess it was only a matter of time before I started creating movie posters of my own. We have all dreamt at one time or other of being in an actor or movie star. Sure this might remain a dream for a lot of us; but there is no reason why we can’t be up there larger than life in our very own movie poster!

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Results streaming day

A few weeks ago we streamed a session live from our studio, this was a test and we found out we really needed faster upload for our internet if we wanted to do it the way we want it, and we are in the middle of arranging this, so we hope to be able to do more of the live streaming sessions in the near future. Today however the results from that session.


Model : Esther
Creations/styling : Nadine

Esther Mei 13 -61-Edit

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