Some of my favorite images from “the art of dance”

If you have not yet checked out my new class at make sure you do, today I share some of my favorite shots from the class, I can’t show all of them of course 😀
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  1. Mikael57
    Mikael57 says:

    Hej Frank,
    The first picture is really fantastic. And I enjoyed the Kelby Training dance session. Super good even though your knee must have been hurting.
    See you

  2. Marc Ilford
    Marc Ilford says:

    Yep stunning as usual, both the lighting (love low key!) and the post-processing. Bloody hell, shooting with flour really seems to be the hottest thing nowadays…got to buy my self a few kilo’s and a broom

  3. Andrew Keane
    Andrew Keane says:

    I’m 3/4s of the way though watching this training now. The images are really great. It is quite amazing just how much difference just adding the lights made for those ballerina shots. They went from ‘yep, quite pleasant and nice’ images to ‘Wow!, Check these out, how cool are they’ images.

    I love the top one which is simply amazing. I almost dont want to get to that in the video because Im enjoying knowing it is coming and it is something to look forward to. It is certainly one I cant wait to try out as a basis for developing my own shots.

    I think along with the fashion shoot on location training Frank, that this is your equal best Kelby class so far.

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