7 July a special date

7-7-97 was a special day.
At 9:07 Annewiek and I were married by law.
At 19:07 Annewiek and I were married for the church.
The second was not planned at that time but we had to travel from Marknesse to Emmeloord and decided to do that with a horse and carriage. (Something I really wanted to do at my wedding), and don’t ask but we got some delay 🙂


So it’s been 15 years now that Annewiek and I have been married. We have a beautiful son Brian (now 13) and we’re still going strong. Annewiek is always with me during the travels abroad (we tried once without each other but that didn’t go so well to say the least), also with the workshops on location she is there to assist me. She did most of the video work in the last instructional DVDs and of course she is always there to arrange things when I’m to busy.


Some marriages are between husband and wife, some marriages are between soul mates… I think we fall under the latter.
Up to another 15 years (and more).



I always update my blog at 7:00AM so that’s also a coincidence, however for today I changed it to 7:07AM.

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  1. terry
    terry says:

    i would love to see some seascape photography from your world ( I am in Los Angeles). Do you mind?

  2. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    Congrats Frank… I was married to my wife 2007-07-07, so it’s also our anniversary 😉 Lucky Seven 🙂

  3. Guest
    Guest says:

    That sounds like a winning team!
    Congratulations and enjoy the day (without working:-)

  4. John_Skinner
    John_Skinner says:

    A very nice story behind 2 very nice people. Continued success and happiness for all of your years ahead together Annewiek & Frank.

  5. Erwin Zavala
    Erwin Zavala says:

    Congrats to both of you! Just a side note, to keep up with all the seven stuff, you should celebrate even more, 7, 14, 21, 28 and so years!

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