First images from DC

When we go to the states for workshops or seminars we always try to be there a few days earlier, first of all to recover from the flight, but because we actually never really go on holiday also to do some quick sightseeing, and if you know us…. when I say quick I really mean quick, we often do in one day what others spread out over several days, it’s like getting there, shoot and go 🙂

In this blog post just a few snaps from DC as I see it while walking around.
Some cool to know facts.
On day 1 we walked 15.5 kms starting at Lincoln all the way back to our hotel and seeing some interesting things in between, during the year there are 2 weeks in which the cherry blossom is blooming and we were very blessed to be there during that time, and it’s awesome (as you can see in the images).

A soda machine at the five guys (great place for sometimes) with more flavors of soda than I even imagined would be possible, wow.

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