More nature shots

Last week I already shared some nature shots I made during a family walk.
Because we still had some snow we went out again last weekend, here are some of the shots I took during the 2 hour family walk through the “waterloop bos” close to Marknesse, which again is close to our home 🙂

All shots are done with the 5DMKII and Canon 24-105L IS



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2 replies
  1. Jhgl3000
    Jhgl3000 says:

    Thanks for your pictures. You are a real photografer earning your money with it. I am a passsionate private photografer and get the same kind of pictures you do when I do my walks trough the woods. We do have the same “problems” the woods offer us. Don´t get this wrong. I am not even close to your expertise or experience. But you made me happy.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Good to hear, I love to make people happy.
      Do remember these are also just hobby shots however ;). I’m a fashion photographer, that’s were I earn my money, totally different ballgame although both are photography 😉

      These shots I just share for fun on the blog.

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