First Google+ critique

In the past I’ve been doing Twitter critiques on certain days which was always fun and got a lot of responses, however being Twitter you’re limited to a small answer and typing….. so during a Google+ hangout the idea started to do a critique during a Google+ hangout and I loved the idea.
We are working with the guys from Google+ to make it possible to see the broadcast and I hope to have that working by that time (or the next time).


On Thursday February 9th (tomorrow) at 17:00 CET (Amsterdam time) I will host a 1 hour Google+ hangout where you can show your best shot and get some tips and critique. It’s  a first test to expect that some things will go wrong 🙂
See you online.


If you’re not already on Google+ make sure you make an account, it’s a very nice community with LOADS of photographers and great presentation options, and the hangouts are highly addictive 🙂 My Google+ account can be found on