Commercial shots with Valeriya

A while ago Valeriya asked me if I would be interested to do some more commercial looking images, smiling, moving etc. Because I don’t have a lot of those in my portfolio I decided it would be a great way to add those with a great model. So here is my selection of favorite shots from that session, with many thanks to Ike for the makeup.


For the first images I used the amazing 1.50mtr Elinchrom indirect Octa.

What I love about these kind of shots is to really “push” the model into natural looking movement and smiles, and it’s something not a lot of models can pull off. Just a smile or fashion shot is not that hard (with some good coaching) but looking natural is a different story, that’s also why those models are often more sought after than just a “normal” fashion model. And I think she did just fine.

And of course adding some more movement is something I always love to do.

After the white background (no light hitting it making it light gray), we moved towards more darker background and my favorite shots from this setup. In this case a simple strip light with grid was used.

For the last setup we decided to just play a bit with a more extreme background, and for that I just love this pink wall we have in our studio, it always reminds me of Austin powers 😀 And here again the 1.50 Indirect Elinchrom Octa was used.

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5 replies
  1. Daleon Listhrop
    Daleon Listhrop says:

    Darn it there goes the chocolate cake on my keyboard. Nevertheless I think I’m have to invest in that “strip light with grid”. All I work with are soft boxes and beauty dishes.

  2. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    She is gorgeous 🙂 I am not sure how can you take a bad photo of her, it’s impossible… in any lighting 🙂

  3. dennis wester
    dennis wester says:

    thx frank you are a great inspiration to us all maybe will find an outstanding model like valeriya some day thx dennis happy new year dennis in las vegas

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