Orlando news update 1.

Ok, let’s first tell you what my idea is with these small updates.
They are here for fun, and fun only.
It’s not high-class blog material, it’s not high-quality photography or video work, it’s just some news updates to keep you readers updated on what we do over here and what we are planning, that’s why the blog also has a picture of the day to keep the blog running as you are used to (next to these posts), I also can’t promise I will do one every day because we don’t yet know what we’re gone do to be honest, we have some meetings planned and of course some sightseeing but we will see what ends up here.

So today was day 1.
We left early this morning for Schiphol, the first flight we took to Washington DC were we had 2.5 hours to switch to the flight to Orlando. We had a great flight with good inflight entertainment (as you can see in the video), because the plane was not full we could use three seats for the two of us, and let’s be frank with the iPad you can easily spend a few hours without getting bored. As you could have seen in the video I’m playing Angry birds at the moment, I did play the free version for a while and I upgraded to the full version for the flight, finally some time to experiment with it 😀

Normally I’m never sick from flying, but landing in Washington DC was not a good thing, luckily I was not the only one. Loads of turbulence to a point I had the feeling I was getting seasick. We fly regularly and this was for us without a doubt the worst shaking landing ever.
At the moment we’ve arrived at the hotel and ran out for a very late diner, We’ve been up for way too long so I will keep the blogpost short. Enjoy the video we shot today with the iPhone, and please remember what I posted in front, these Orlando blog post are just for fun and to share some of the things we do here. If you guys like it we will keep posting it 😀

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  1. Tom Spatig
    Tom Spatig says:

    Welcome to the States again (sorry about the rough greeting with the turbulent approach and landing at IAD) … hope to catch one or both of your workshops @ PSWorld next week. P.S. Great song choice — Norah travels with us too!

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