Photoshop day 1

Here a very quick update from day 1 at photoshop world.
Remember it’s just a quick video shot with the iPhone4, time is very limited so no real time to edit 😀


tweetmeet pre Photoshop world

Yesterday night it was time for the tweet meet, and trust me those things are fun (as you can see), they also filmed a new DTown TV episode so check that out soon.
Here is a small backstage video I shot during the tweet meet. Today are the seminars starting and I’m up at 10:45 right after the keynote/opening so let’s rock !!!


Guestblog Richard Sterkenburg

Today it’s time for Richard Sterkenburg.
I absolutely loved the shot he tweeted me for the critique day so I invited Richard also over to the blog to tell a bit more about the shot, so ladies and gents…. here is Richard.

It’s my first time writing for a guest blog. Not a problem at all, but writing it down in English makes it for a Dutch guy a bit harder. Let’s give it a go!

A while ago I was asked by a professional athlete to shoot some portraits of her to thank het sponsor. This was a great opportunity for me, cause I love to shoot sports, especially on location and giving it a commercial looking concept. So we started out talking and sketching the possibility’s there were and I came to the idea to make a series out of three photo’s. Continue reading as I explain what we did for the shot.

Precon photoshopworld video

A quick video I shot with the iPhone 4 from the pre conference day.