Guest blog Simon Revill

In our series of guestbloggers it’s today time for Simon Revill.
Simon is a great wedding photographer from the Uk and I asked him to do a guestblog because I absolutely love what he does with his images. So here he is : Simon take it away.

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I asked for it….. part I

Ok I asked for it…..
In a previous post I asked for the visitors to send me ideas and questions to work out in a blog post. Well you have.
So as promised here is the first blog post based on those questions, some I will work out in longer posts in the future, but first some shorter ones.

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Some news from StudioFD

I’m sitting here with a special person while I’m writing this 😀
You might wonder who……….

As you might have noticed it’s getting very busy over here at StudioFD and that means I have to let some assignments go which I would normally would love to do, so we decided it was time for some help………..

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