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Props are not always expensive

Sometimes people think that props should always be expensive, but in essence it is often way more fun (and more interesting) to shoot with cheaper props, like in this serie with Nadine where I used an old window, and indeed NEVER let your intern wash the windows… one of them once offered me to wash them “because they were so dirty”, the look she got from me….. well let me put it this way she didn’t offer it again 😀


A bit dirt and grid really makes the shot for me.
In these shots we also sprayed some water on the windows for a added effect.

Nadine Januari 2 2016 0498

Nadine Januari 2 2016 0500

Nadine Januari 2 2016 0519


Tip about locations in the studio with props

To spice up a shoot you don’t always have to go to a stunning location, sometimes you can bring the location to your studio…. well at least part of the location.
In this case we used an old window as a prop, the model is behind it and the light is falling through the window, I added some waterdrops to make the scene a bit more interesting…..


Now the first thing people ask me is “How do you get these props”
The answer is very very simple, just go to your local scrapyard, offer some posters in exchange or pay what they ask, often it’s very cheap because we actually go for the rundown (real scrap) material. You can also of course make a deal that you can bring stuff back and get new props.


Lenaa Juni 20 2014 116

Using an old window as a prop

I know a lot of photographers are looking for interesting things to “spice” up a shoot.
This can be a chair, a guitar etc….. but also think even more simple, what about an old window ?


We got this window from the local junkyard for little and it has proved to be an amazing prop that can be used in many different ways, this time we put our model Lenaa behind it, sprayed some water on the window and used a strobe from the back to get the final image you see here (shot during a glamour workshop).

Lenaa Juni 20 2014 95

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View from the window

Although we do fly a lot, the views you “can” get from the airplane window stay magical.
Today a few shots we (Annewiek and I) did from the window of the airplane on the way back from LA to Amsterdam. All shot with the Fuji X-pro 1 with the 35mm lens. I absolutely love that camera.

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