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The first ever ClickLive event in the UK travel vlog

Tradeshows are always special

And that’s why we love doing these travel vlogs. First it’s a nice diary for us, but it’s also a nice insight into what we do during these trips.

In this video we take you with us during the first ever ClickLive event in the UK.
During the trade show we had our own booth for IQwire, Rogue, ClickBackdrops, IQwire and of course Geekoto.
Next to our booth we sponsored a special portfolio booth with an awesome set totally fitting my personal taste, as soon as you see it you will understand.

During the video we also introduce one of our brand new products, an incredibly handy light stand that solves a problem we almost accepted.

You guys also often ask how it is traveling with a large RV, so I included a segment about what we experience during a trip along very narrow UK roads, and I mean VERY narrow.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.


Behind the scenes video during the Wibi Soerjadi Christmas concert

Today in the blog the behind the scenes videos we shot during the Wibi Soerjadi Christmas concert.
Yesterday I showed you the photos and today you get to see how I took them.

Behind the scenes during the workshops

Today part I of a 2 part vlog about the workshops in Pelt (Belgium) and Oss.

In this part we take you with us behind the scenes during the workshops in Pelt (Belgium) with model Floore.

During the workshop tour I’m also introducing our Geekoto flash system. A perfect replacement for speedlights and in most cases studio strobes. Of course I’m also using our Rogue system.


Behind the scenes during the workshop “smoke” plus how I shoot tethered to the iPad pro

In today’s episode of behind the closed DOORs we talk about tethering to the iPad pro
And I take you BTS during the workshop smoke with our model Linda.

During the video you see all the results but in the blog post one of the sets 😉

Enjoy the video and dont forget to subscribe. We have a lot of different videos ranging from behind the scenes to reviews and tips and tricks. Plus of course our regular live streams in the digital classroom series