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Testflight over Urk with the Yuneec Q5004K

I’ve been “playing” around a bit with the Yuneec and have to say that it’s very addictive for both Photography and video.
Today a first small video I made while testing the Yuneec at Urk (one of my favorite places to visit with new gear).

Due to the compression online you can’t see the real quality but I think you get a pretty good idea (make sure to play at the highest resolution 4K)



Faking a sunset

You know I don’t really like to “cheat” right?
Well actually it’s a little bit handy sometimes.



Let’s say you’re on that stunning location and the sun is already dropping but it will take at least another hour to get that beautiful sunset…. and your family really wants to go, what do you do?
Well you could get into an argument and stay.


But sometimes you can get away with some “trickery”.
If you position yourself behind an object and capture the sun just barely in the frame and underexpose the scene you can very easily in Photoshop add some warmth (in this case I used DxO Filmpack but you can also just change the color temp or use Alien Skin Exposure, Capture One, or whatever tinting solution you like).



It’s not a great or real sunset but at least it gives you a slight bit of that look without loosing the image completely. And the effort in Ps is very minimal.

Urk  (93 of 96) January 14 2015_DxO

A visit to Urk

Urk is a small fisher town very close to our studio, I always love to go there and shoot some images. It doesn’t really matter what the weather is like, there is always something cool to shoot. And because I’ve been working almost non stop for the last few days on the new video “Mastering the model shoot : the Lightmeter” (which was released yesterday) I really felt the need to go out and get some fresh air.


These shots were all done with the Sony A7r and some Leica R glass (love the look of those lenses).
Editing was done in DxO Optics 10, it can draw detail out of the shots I never saw before, wow.


Urk  (93 of 96) January 14 2015_DxO

Urk  (15 of 96) January 14 2015_DxO

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