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Tip about locations in the studio with props

To spice up a shoot you don’t always have to go to a stunning location, sometimes you can bring the location to your studio…. well at least part of the location.
In this case we used an old window as a prop, the model is behind it and the light is falling through the window, I added some waterdrops to make the scene a bit more interesting…..


Now the first thing people ask me is “How do you get these props”
The answer is very very simple, just go to your local scrapyard, offer some posters in exchange or pay what they ask, often it’s very cheap because we actually go for the rundown (real scrap) material. You can also of course make a deal that you can bring stuff back and get new props.


Lenaa Juni 20 2014 116

Using props… the chair

Often people ask me “what is the perfect prop?”
Well let me start by saying that there is no perfect prop.
However if I had to choose one I would say it’s chair…
Now don’t get the expensive posing chairs you sometimes see in studios and online, in my opinion these are nice but also very overpriced and will limit the way you can shoot for the simple reason they are often not the most attractive chairs.


You can not only incorporate them into your set, but you can also make the model pose more dynamically. In other words add a lot of play into the shoot.


My favorite way to get chairs is to visit the second hand stores and get the more damaged, ugly, vintage looking chairs they have, the first advantage is that they are often cheap (hey I’m Dutch :)) plus they (in my personal opinion) have way more character than a new one. PLUS.. when you’re done with them… well you just cut them open and you have a second life for the chair.


Today some images I took during the test session with Marieke with 2 of our chairs.
Some might be considered NSFW so beware.

Marieke Jansen Oktober 2 2014 (49 of 107)-Edit

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