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Outside fashion shot for sunglasses with extreme styling and flash Part II : let’s talk gear

Because size matters

Today Part II from the workshop “working on location in Emmeloord”
In this workshop the challenge is to use not so interesting locations and create awesome shots.
In the previous blogpost we showed set 1 and talked a bit about the gear, today we dive a little bit deeper in the deep reflector.

But first let’s take a look at the setup.
The third set we used during the workshop (set II will follow the next time) was a small house near the beach, this is an interesting location but in all honesty I had the most trouble with this one to create something interesting. But by using the lines in the location and changing my angles of shooting I think we got some interesting looks.

For the images I used our Geekoto GT200 and a large reflector

As you can see this is a pretty large reflector.
And that’s exactly the reason I love using those on location.
The thing is that even with a 200W strobe you are still not “killing” the sun from let’s say 3 meters distance, and when you love those Day2Night shots, or love to shoot HSS you will have to run almost constantly on full power, but even with fill in flash…. ok you get the idea without any reflectors even a 200W hybrid strobe with HSS is not perfect for all day Day2Night photography

However as soon as we start to add light shapers the story becomes different.
When we add a striplight like the Rogue flashbenders or any other brand of course we will actually lose lightoutput compared to the bare strobe.
But luckily we can also add light to the output.
You probably also know from studio use that reflectors can have a huge impact on the lightoutput of your strobes. And the same goes for outside. We are using a Bowens converter to hold our Geekoto and connect the reflector. The reason the reflector is so deep is that it will focus the light more the deeper the reflector (on average, it also depends on the material of course) in usage this can mean the difference between shooting a strobe on 1/3rd power instead of full power, and that is something you really notice.

As an added bonus I love the look of these deeper reflectors, they are not as harsh as some smaller reflectors but they still give a tremendous deep shadow and high contrast. If you order one make sure you also order a grid if that’s available. I’m using a generic brand from AliExpress, if you are shooting with Hensel it’s called the 14″ reflector (which is even larger than this one) and for Elinchrom it’s called the MaxiLight or MaxiSpot. I highly recommend getting one for outside work.


The iPad solution

As you can see in the image I’m using an iPad on location.
I’ve been using MacBooks for years but the disadvantage of a MacBookPro is that they are very fragile on location, they can easily fall down, attract dust like crazy and have loads of opening to collect dirt. Plus they are very expensive to replace or repair.

The iPad on the other hand can be securely fastened to just one stand with the awesome Ulanzi holder (we got so many questions about it that we added it to our webshop).
The nice thing about the iPad is that it will run all day on one charge and the lightoutput is really nice for outside work, as long as there is no direct sunlight hitting the screen of course.

During this workshop I shot wireless to the iPad but in 99% of the cases I’m using an IQwire USBc-USBc 15meter tether cable to shoot to the iPad using CasCable. Ive been using this combination for a while now and it never disappointed me, if something goes wrong the advantage of the iPad is that you just close an app and start it again and it all works fine again. But to be complete I’ve experienced a super smooth workflow so far with little to no problems. This is also the main reason you see me using the iPad more and more during shows, especially with Adobe releasing great updates to their Lightroom and Photoshop apps which makes the iPad a real workstation now a days.

Especially on location you want gear you carry around easily and don’t have to be afraid that something falls down during the hike to the next location.


The results

Ok let’s take a look at the results from the third set during this workshop (next time set 2)

Model/Styling : Nadine
Sunglasses : Sparks
www.fotografie-workshops.nl for the Dutch workshops
www.frankdoorhof.com/shop for my gear



A great new addition to the iPad ecosystem

The iPad ecosystem gained another great app

When I bought my first iPad Pro I was deeply disappointed. It was nothing more than a blown-up iPhone at that moment. But a few years later I bought the new iPad Pro.  And man,  did the ecosystem change over the last few years. So this blog is about the new addition to the iPad ecosystem: Luminar.

The M1 generation

I strongly feel that with the release of the M1 chipset Apple changed the playing field forever.
At the moment I was editing some drone footage on a Dell XPS i9. And although H264 went smoothly, for the H265 I needed to use proxy media (a sort of smart preview because the system can’t handle the original). To my surprise, my iPad Pro had no problems at all with the material… I was surprised but also motivated to find the perfect workflow on the iPad.

The main advantages

Let me start by saying that it’s no laptop replacement for me.
But it’s so much more.
I’m using Cascable to shoot tethered to my iPad Pro. Which means I can now bring my iPad on location (or in the studio). The advantages are numerous.

The iPad Pro runs forever on the battery and still has more light output than my MPB 14″ (MacBook Pro). The MacBook Pro is great for outside, but also the protection against the elements is much better on the iPad. With my laptop, I’m always worried about my keyboard or card reader catching dust or worse. Now I can leave my laptop at home and do the whole shoot with the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is also much easier to mount on a stand.  I’m using the Ulanzi myself which makes carrying around the iPad (still on the stand) much safer than dragging around an expensive laptop. Check out this video about tethering to the iPad 

But there is a limitation.
When I’m teaching I also like to show some retouching tips, and this is where the iPad always was rather limited with many apps for example not being able to output full resolution images or for example a Tiff 16bits ARGB. But things change.

Lightroom and Photoshop

Adobe released Lightroom and Photoshop on the iPad a while ago and in all honesty, they both work great. Recently Adobe even added generative fill to Photoshop on the iPad.

And even if you’re not in the Adobe ecosystem there are some really good alternatives such as Darktable, Procreate, and for example Affinity. I’ve tried most of them but I still keep going back to the Adobe suite. This has also everything to do that the link between the desktop versions and iPad versions is absolutely seamless with Adobe, and that makes my workflow a lot easier. Check out this tip where I turned the lights on in Photoshop for the iPad

New addition to the iPad ecosystem

So why this “news update”

Over the years I’ve tried several ways to tint my images, in short, give it my own look.
And although I love Lightroom a lot there are still some things I can’t do with Lightroom and I need to dive into Photoshop.

On the desktop, I’ve been using products from Skylum since they were called MacPhun and I always loved their approach to making something standalone but also fully incorporating it into the Adobe ecosystem. Nowadays you probably know them best for Luminar.

And man, am I excited because Luminar has now been released on the iPad.
I still have to test everything and see how it will integrate into my workflow with Lightroom. But for “looks” in my images, I can’t wait to start building new presets.

So if you’re like me also working a lot in the iPad ecosystem make sure to check out Luminar for the iPad, I think you will love it, and this is just the first version 😀 Keep following me for my experiences with this new addition to the iPad ecosystem


Behind the scenes during the PhotoDays 2023 with all the setups and results and my own music

In todays episode of Behind the Closed DOORs we take you with us during the PhotoDays 2023 in Brussels Belgium,
During the trade show we ran our own booth with Geekoto, Rogue, IQwire, ClickBackDrops and of course our workshops.

I ran demos almost back to back so you get to see a lot of the “action” and because Nadine and Felisa were there to help me with the shoots the results are pretty cool I think 😀

And a fun fact…
ALL the music you hear in the video was written, played and recorded by me.
Hope you enjoy the video, the results and the music.

Another fun fact.
The whole video was shot with the iPhone 15 pro Max and iPhone 15.
Pretty good for smartphones I think.

First images with the Sony A7RV and it’s a huge upgrade

During the Photodays 2023 I got the chance to shoot with the new Sony A7RV.
I’m still using the Sony A7RIV which is a great camera, but to be honest I was shocked with the upgrade.
Because I was shooting demos 3 days almost back to back and I used the A7RV only during the last day it really caught my eye how much more “depth” there seems to be in the images.

I’m not saying the A7RIV images are flat, but the A7RV does seem to be a little but more 3D, probably due to a different way of sensor processing, it’s subtle but clear when you know your camera. Now that wouldn’t be worth an upgrade, but the much faster and MUCH better (accuracy) autofocus is without any doubt. Much better with eye detection and now also with a load of AI options for trains, planes, animals and even chosing the correct eye. YES SONY, now I can use the eye focus (probably, still testing this). Also the display is a huge upgrade, tethering speed is faster and the display is now finally fully adjustable (I really missed that).

I’ll be using the A7RV a lot more so if you have any questions let me know.
I can confirm that tethering to the iPad Pro with Cascable works.

Today in the blog some of the results from the last day at PhotoDays 2023 Brussels.
Models : Nadine and Felisa.
Do remember that these kind of images are shot during a trade show on our booth during demos, so short time periods where I have to pay more attention to explaining what I do and the crowd than taking the photo, so there are often far from perfect, but I just love the styling Nadine did, so I had to share them.

Strobes : Geekoto GT400/GT250/GT200
Modifiers : Geekoto small softbox, Rogue magnetic system and Flashbender
Backgrounds : ClickBackdrops
Tethering : IQ Wire 10mtr to iPad Pro running Cascable