Results cameratools workshops

Last week I was a guest speaker at the CameraTools week of light/studio.
During the day I taught 2 2 hour workshops in their shop, the fun part was that the idea was to keep it to 90 minutes and let the group shoot for 30 minutes, but when I asked what the group wanted… to shoot or me to continue teaching they all said “continue teaching”… well I guess they did not like the backgrounds 😀


The model for that day was our own topstylist (and model) Nadine, it’s always a blast work with someone that creative.
Today some of the images we shot during that day, and the theme was…. well colorful and blast from the past.


The backgrounds you see is a mix of the amazing Lastolite series (really love those) and the real deal.

Nadine CameraTools 14 November 2014 0257-Edit

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Backstage video workshop fotoflits

I already shared some of the images we took during this workshop (see here), and today you can see the backstage video our intern Evita shot and edited.

Nadine during the Leaf demos at EyesOnMedia

On May 24th I was demoing at the Eyes On Media shop in Amsterdam.
Eyes On Media organized a Leaf demo day where customers would get a chance to shoot with the Leaf digital backs on different cameras, the main attraction was of course the Leaf AptusII12, with it’s 80MP a very special digital back. During the day I shot several sessions with both the Leaf AptusII7 and the AptusII12 with Nadine as my model, and you readers probably already know, when Nadine is with me it’s always interesting (and this day was no exception).

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