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5 Day deal time !!!

YES it’s that time of the year, the famous 5DayDeal.
Every year the 5DayDeal is jam-packed with e-books, software, presets, plugins, LUT, tutorials and loads more for an insane low price.

This year we are talking about over $5500.00 in value for only…. are you sitting down?
$98.00 😀

The 5DayDeal also includes my e-book about speedlights and the whole tutorial about the same subject.
If you use our link https://bit.ly/3EXq8FK you also support all the work we do for you guys, so we appreciate a share or order via the link 😀

I made a small video about the 5DayDeal, check it out here to see what’s included.

Black Friday…. loads of cool deals.

Love it or hate it, but Black Friday is always fun when you are looking for good deals.
And also this year we have some cool deals for you guys.

For all deals
Coupon “blackfriday22”

Videos and presets
50% off on all my full length tutorials and preset packs.
We have videos on many different topics ranging from modelphotography in the studio and on location to street and travel photography, there is something for everyone.

Shooting tethered in the studio or on location is one of the best things you can do for your workflow. But with modern cameras the demands on the cables are higher than ever.

IQqwire is the “next generation” in tethering.
Available in 5 and 10 meters with inline boosters and intelliconnect for a super steady and fast connection to PC/MAC and they also work with the iPad and Android tablets.

Thanks to the boosters and intelliconnect you can use one cable for all your cameras. When your camera doesn’t support USBc you can order one of our pigtails convertors to Micro/Mini, USB-A and Phase One.

Also under our IQwire category you can find the Arca Cable Block.
If you want a rock solid connection between your camera and the IQwire the Cable Block is the way to go. The Arca mount compatibel plate has special guides for tether cables and can be connected under the camera without the need for coins or screwdrivers. We also opted for a slightly smaller form factor so the battery is accessible in 90% of the cameras.

Amazing backgrounds for every studio (or location).
Available in Vinyl and Pro-fabric which mimics the old vintage canvasses we all love.
With more than 900 prints to choose from, I’m sure there is one for you.

Rogue / Expo Imaging
We have been working with Rogue for over a decade, and they are the kind of company we all love… they listen to the photographer and create gear we can not only use in one way, but that triggers your creativity to find new ways to light your subject, and with Rogue you have a super flexible system.

We have the Flashbender series, including the Frank Doorhof Softsilver edition which I use myself.
But we also released the magnetic system in 2022 which is aimed for all photographers shooting with speedlights or the popular round strobes. Recently we got a new addition to the line up with a magnetic snoot that can be used in 8 different ways.. talk about flexible.

For the larger strobes (and all others) we recently released a brand new umbrella system with a fiberglass frame for years of use, the umbrellas can be ordere separate but also in a nice carrying kit including the white and black umbrella (including a sleeve).

If you love to reflect the light we also got you covered with both round and rectangular reflectors. Personally I love working with the rectangular reflector if you need just a bit of light under the chin of the model, it works much easier than the round reflectors, which we use outside for maximum reflection surface.

And finally we also sell the Expo Imaging Expo Disc.
So something for everyone and now with an awesome 15% discount PLUS… everyone that orders before Saturday 0:00 will also get my speedlight tutorial for free.

We hope to have something for everyone in our offers.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we always try to respond within 24 hours.

Black Friday and Cyber monday madness

Some offers will not be valid yet, so if a offer doesn’t show up don’t panic, just try it on Friday, but because some did already start we wanted to give you the heads up for everything.


It’s that time again…
The CRAZY CRAZY weekend of discounts.
Now believe it or not but this wasn’t really a “thing” in the Netherlands but it’s now also very populair over here. Now in the past we shared some cool discounts for you guys via our social media but I thought it would be much easier to just combine everything in one blog post for you guys.

Now do remember, everything I link to is gear/software that I use myself and fully support. By using the links in this blogpost you also support our hard work, so I would appreciate if you use the links or share them with your friends 🙂

Ok let’s go.
First up….
Well myself

Frank Doorhof videos
Starting now till Monday 0:00 we run a 40% off on ALL my instructional videos.
So head on over to www.frankdoorhof.com/videos and use the coupon code “awesome” for a 40% discount.


Frank Doorhof workshops
Ok this is only for the Dutch people probably, although when you book in advance and tell us you like the workshops to be in English we can actually arrange that.
Normally the workshops are priced at 149.00 and just for once for Black Friday we offer all the Mastering the Modelshoot workshops for 105.00 EURO !!!!

Visit www.fotografie-workshops.nl for more information and the agenda.
Make sure that when you register you mention Black Friday offer.
You can register for a maximum of 3 workshops via this deal.


5daydeal Flash Sale

It was immensely popular when it ran a few weeks ago, in fact is was so succesful that they decided to run it one more time in case you missed out. Do remember this is really the last time ever they will run this particular 5 day deal, the Complete Photography Bundle is live again for only 72 hours


This is an insane package with loads of special videos, ebooks, plugins, and even full versions of software, really can’t stress enough that if you missed this one you are literally missing out at the deal of the year and it’s not only about shooting models, but also about retouching, drones, travel, color grading, product photography, weddings and much more
Retail value USD 2730, your discount 96% pay only USD89,00


Topaz Labs Black Friday
You know I absolutely love Topaz, and this is your chance to get it really cheap.

  • Get the Go Pro Adjustment Bundle (Pro Pack) for $250: Our best deal of the year the pro pack features all 24 pro adjustments available in Topaz Studio for over a 60% off when you buy them all. You won’t be charged for items you already own! Learn More here!
  • Sale Only Deal on the A.I. Bundle: Our biggest sellers of the year have been our new A.I. Based products, with this bundle you get our Powerful standalone image upscaler A.I. Gigapixel, as well as both of our cutting-edge A.I. Studio adjustments, A.I. Remix and A.I. Clear, Valued at over $220 for $150. Learn More here!

25% off all individual items storewide: For people who don’t want to take advantage of the massive savings for each of the bundles above, you can still save 25% automatically when you purchase any items during this promotion, not including the Pro Pack, or the A.I. Bundle. I highly recommend for example Topaz Clean (for skin) and of course Clarity.




New users can purchase the Luminar 2018 + Aurora HDR 2019 Bundle for only US 119 (instead of USD168 ( USD49 OFF)).

Pricing Luminar

  • New users can purchase Luminar 2018 for USD59 ( USD49 with the coupon code FRANKD).
  • Current users of Luminar 2017 can upgrade for USD49 ( USD39 with the coupon code FRANKD).

1 year of FREE SmugMug Portfolio plan ( valued USD180)
119 Dramatic & Romantic Sky Overlays ( valued USD29)
20% OFF COOPH Photography Apparel and accessories (on all purchases over USD100)

LUMINAR LINK:  https://goo.gl/Sem9BX

Aurora HDR 2019 Black Friday Offer
The Aurora HDR 2019 Black Friday Offer will be available from November 21 through 28.


  • New users can purchase Aurora HDR 2019 for USD99 ( USD89 with the coupon code FRANKD).
  • Aurora HDR 2019 users can upgrade at the Black Friday price of USD59 ( USD49 with the coupon code FRANKD)


  • 1 year of FREE SmugMug Portfolio plan ( US§180†)
  • 3 months free of Stuck in Сustoms Passport membership ( US§30†)

AURORA LINK: https://goo.gl/vsdQDb


I run my whole portfolio and backup via Smugmug and absolutely love it. So make sure that when you’re looking for a great way to backup your images and have a awesome portfolio (or website) on a blazingly fast serverfarm that you check out smugmug.

Unlimited storage

Need better backup that is also secure? Save 40% today on unlimited, cloud-based photo backup at SmugMug. Click my link to save.

Build a Photo Website

Ready to attract new clients? Save 40% on your portfolio site to show your skills and help bring clients to you. Click here to get the discount.

Sell Prints

Looking to sell more prints this holiday season? Save 40% on your new SmugMug account and you can start selling prints around the world in minutes. Click my link to save.

Alien skin
What: Save 15% on every product in our store
I think that Alien skin Exposure 4 throughout the years has always been one of my favorite tinting programs, and when they added movable lighting effects and Lightroom intergration with the new version 4 they have the most complete tinting and RAW solution on the market that can work as a standalone but also as a totally organizer and RAW developer.

This sale includes the recently released Exposure X4, which is the latest version of our award-winning RAW photo editor and organizer. Exposure offers photographers unmatched creative tools and powerful organizing tools, as well as a fast and intuitive workflow that doesn’t require a subscription or a catalog. Exposure can also be used as a plug-in to Photoshop or Lightroom.

New features in Exposure X4 include improved shadow and highlight recovery, smart collections, fully movable light effects, a Lightroom migration tool, and transform tools for perspective correction such as key-stoning.

Use this link for the offer : https://goo.gl/N9VqLy


That was it.
Now of course there are many more offers out there, but I selected the ones I think you guys will love the most, and also the ones that I’m 100% behind.
So get it while it lasts…. and thats for most till Monday… but why wait?