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Get your kicks on Route 66

Ever since I was a young boy I dreamt of going to America.
Somehow the country had an enormous draw on me, I loved the 50-60’s, R&R, the muscle cars (even owned a 1970 Pontiac Firebird Formule 400 for a few years) and of course the legendary Route66. Every chance I get I will try to see documentaries about this amazing travel from one side of the states to the other, the mother road.

The first time we visited Los Angeles we tried to find some of this road, but we were not that lucky, due to time stress and simply put lack of information we had to do with just a few landmarks but nothing spectacular, and the second time we visited LA it was also not doable due to again time stress, but I still wanted to do some of the route… so when we booked our flight to PhotoshopWorld Las Vegas this time we decided to fly into LAX and drive to Vegas. And I mean not the 3-4 hour drive… no we planned on doing the 7-9 hour drive (including stops etc.) In this blogpost some images from that drive and some behind the scenes stories.

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Driving from LA to Vegas

As long as I can remember I’m in love with the states, somehow I just love the country, the people but most of all the sometimes incredible nature. Especially California I love for the simple reason that as a photographer the landscape just changes every few miles with the next view even more jawdropping than the next.

Also as long as I can remember I’ve been wanting to drive parts of Route66 and of course the drive between Vegas and LA… well both dreams have come true this time. I’m a sucker for the old fashioned American styles, I love diners, gas stations, billboards etc. so just driving some Route 66 in LA was not enough, I wanted the real route 66 and let’s be honest what’s the best option?…. indeed combine it with the drive from Los Angeles to Vegas.

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