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Nadine in different settings

I’ve been incredibly busy the last few months so there was little to no time for free work, meaning as mentioned many times on the blog that most of the images I showed were shot during the workshops and although we can of course use themes, different clothing etc. during the workshops, which I always […]

Stephanie expressions and fun

On Saturday it was time for the Workshop Studio Technique 1. Normally this workshop has a strict program because it’s the first workshop in line and there is a lot of information to swallow. However due to some sick students we ended up with a smaller group than normal and that meant much more time […]

Video Sandy Dane festival

A while ago I was invited by Sandy Dane for one of her festivals, due to a real incompatible agenda it was not possible for me on some occasions to visit, however when the date February 12th came up I saw an option and booked that date right away. In a previous blog post I […]

Imani shots NSFW for some images

Sometimes students ask if they can bring their own model during a workshop, and that’s of course not a problem and gives me also an option to explain coaching a bit more, because how hard they will try during a workshop, the models I work with on most workshops will know what I mean during […]