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Breaking news from Elinchrom ;)

As many requested here a small video from the iPhone app, there also is a iPad version. You can do everything with the quadra what you want including modeling lights etc. Also a quick look at the gossen light meter with Elinchrom support, and it has a reflective meter. I will look more into this […]

22 September 2010 Day 2 Photokina

Today it was day 2 at Photokina. Today it was a LOT busier and so also my demos attracted a lot more attention, we often had the whole booth cramped with people watching. My main theme for todays workshops was controlling contrast and light, and with a few surprises of course.

21 September 2010 Photokina Day 1

Today it was the time for the first day of Photokina. For me Photokina is something amazing, it’s huge, everyone is there and you get all the news and the new introductions in one place. It’s buzzing with activity, contacts, great photographers and lots and lots of toys….(that’s why I take my wife with me […]

20 September 2010, pre-day 1 Photokina 2010

Today we arrived in Koln for the Photokina. I will be at the Profot booth for the next three days doing some demos and mini workshops for Elinchrom and Leaf, so feel free to drop by and say hi. Being there the pre-opening day is always a weird experience, everything is still in the buildup […]