A great backdrop for fashion shoots with impact

More impact in your fashion shoot? Use our Click Backdrops

Today in the blog some images I shot with our model Claudia during a recent workshop.
We recently got the Soft Master Gray backdrop and this quickly became one of my favourite backgrounds from Click Backdrops. Let me explain and show you how I used this backdrop for a fashion shoot with impact.

ProFabric, Soft Master Grey including a little extra to use as a floor

The nice thing about this background is that it is an extra-long version (Profabric), meaning you can use it as both background and floor. Especially with this print and color, it create a great set for fashion shots. (and a lot more).

The original color is a light grey which is great on its own but as you can see in the following shots this color as background is great to manipulate with colors.
Because of the light grey color, you can easily change the tint in post with tinting presets, or on the set with colored gels.

How did I shoot this backdrop?

In this series, I’m using a strong vignette to draw attention to our model Claudia.
Her bright red hair is coming back in the clothing and the dark dress has a great shine.

I’m using our large Geekoto softbox without a grid aimed straight at the model.
Normally I will create the vignette on the set with for example a grid or smaller softbox (Geekoto has 3 great softboxes). But in this case, I did not yet know which look I wanted. So, in those cases, it’s better to shoot it with a broader light source. You can always add a convincing vignette, but taking it the other way… well is a bit harder, to say the least.


You can rent this Click Backdrop (contact us) or buy the Soft Master Grey with a discount.

Check out the BTS video below.

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A backdrop for fashion shoots with impact. The Soft Grey Master from Click Backdrops A backdrop for fashion shoots with impact


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