Come with me

I’ve got a lot of questions about the route I bike so I thought it would be fun to collect some images in this post.

Now we live a few mtrs below sealevel and that means that we have some very cool nature that is one part left from the old times when there were still islands and a lot clay etc from when they drained the sea to create the new land.

This is also one of the reasons I’m actually riding a MTB so there are “no limits” to where I can ride, because some routes are not easily accessible with normal bikes. And of course I also love to ride off-road as much as possible. And luckily we have some dedicated MTB routes all within a circle of 10kms from our home.

Anyway. Enough talk. Here are some of the images. These were shot during a 30km route I ride quite often and is beautiful in every season. I left out the old harbor of Schotland because you probably already grew tired of seeing that

The landscape varies from normal bike routes to seashelves and even a MTB compatible trail through the wood connecting to a very heavy part straight through the grassland next to the forrest.

Hope that you enjoy the images, shot with my huawei p30 pro