Fotofair 2020

If you know me you know I’m always working with the best interest for my clients, students etc.

So ever since the pandemic we actually chose to stop all activities that involved people in our studio.

Last month we very slowly started the workshops again but with a max of 6 students and at least 2 mtrs apart with ventilation and all with their own drinks, remote etc.

So for me it was a normal decision that all tradeshows were canceled this year. Although it’s without a doubt the thing we both love the most.

But…….. This weekend I will be speaking on a special event.

This weekend it’s time for the fotofair. We’ve been in contact with the organization from the start and I would not do this if I was not 99% sure it could be done safely.

Normally this event attracts 10x the number of visitors in the same space. Plus there are signs and cleaning stations all over the place and most important arrows for the direction people have to walk.

Without a doubt it’s an experiment. But I think a very important one. And I’ll try to explain why.

For us it’s very clear we have a virus going around. No reason to deny this. It’s also a virus we don’t know enough about so we really have to be incredibly careful and in a lot of situations a lockdown is simply put unavoidable.

But…. In between the lockdowns we do have to try to find a way to let life continue at least a little bit. Don’t get me wrong…. I think big stadiums, parties etc are all not done at the moment it simply is not the time for that.

However it doesn’t mean we have to stay in house locked up. It will all depend on how people act. If everyone follows the rules tomorrow there is no problem (it’s an outside location also) if people however “forget” the rules I’m afraid that indeed these kind of events are also not possible.

However now that we are here and I see the area and how many people will visit the workshops I feel pretty confident that it’s up to the visitors. They will in the end help this organization to show that events (if proper organized) can take place.

So let’s show some images from the area. And more to follow in our vlog in the coming days and of course social media 😉

Learn to maximize

Shot during #photoshopworld
Theme of the pre-con was to maximize every location. It was fun to see the surprised faces when we started shooting in several locations in a boring conference room and turning out pretty cool images.

It’s not perfect. But learning to make something semi interesting in bad locations is very beneficial when you are shooting in more interesting locations. You learn to see things other people might miss

So always learn in difficult situations and easier ones will be …. Easier.

Model/styling : Nadine

Photographing awesome cosplay

In todays episode we take you behind the scenes during the workshop cosplay with our model Norène.

You get to see the setups, get tips about the lighting and ideas behind the shoot, and of course the results.

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Come with me

I’ve got a lot of questions about the route I bike so I thought it would be fun to collect some images in this post.

Now we live a few mtrs below sealevel and that means that we have some very cool nature that is one part left from the old times when there were still islands and a lot clay etc from when they drained the sea to create the new land.

This is also one of the reasons I’m actually riding a MTB so there are “no limits” to where I can ride, because some routes are not easily accessible with normal bikes. And of course I also love to ride off-road as much as possible. And luckily we have some dedicated MTB routes all within a circle of 10kms from our home.

Anyway. Enough talk. Here are some of the images. These were shot during a 30km route I ride quite often and is beautiful in every season. I left out the old harbor of Schotland because you probably already grew tired of seeing that

The landscape varies from normal bike routes to seashelves and even a MTB compatible trail through the wood connecting to a very heavy part straight through the grassland next to the forrest.

Hope that you enjoy the images, shot with my huawei p30 pro