The Guitar project images

A very special photoshoot today.
Although we still have to do some finishing and cleaning etc I could not resist.
This is the 98% finished guitar from the guitar project.
It started as an older Fender Squier with a terrible paint job and even worse electronics, but the neck is very fast and smooth.
So I replaced the electronics and switches for EMGs (active pickups) and Roelina did an amazing paint job on the guitar in Batman/Joker style.
I love that she choose the “killing joke” this has of course a link to photography (the camera) but (and she did not know this) it was also the first tradepaper back I bought and that got me hooked on comics.
The guitar plays like a dream and sounds amazing.
In the upcoming final part of the guitar project I’ll also let you hear how it sounds of course… I hope to have that episode up next week.